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We offer a new tool to meet the challenges that hepatitis C brings. This CD and booklet was created from our expertise and experience – Margo as the developer of Applied Meditation and Robin as a health educator and person with hepatitis C. It has helped many people with hepatitis C to feel better and find their way to better health. You can read their stories here. This practical and accessible guide provides in-depth natural solutions to help: Enjoy the sample meditation and then treat yourself to the full CD. You’ll get a taste of some of the benefits of the 3 longer meditations on Self-Care for Hepatitis C: Applied Meditation for a Healthy Liver.

The more you listen, the better you feel.
  • Reduce stress; feel relaxed and calm
  • Strengthen your liver and promote its optimal functioning
  • Boost energy levels
  • Tap into your body’s natural healing power
  • Work with the body/mind connection
  • Develop and maintain positive self-care strategies

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Four tracks:
  • Instructions (5:06”)
  • Liver Health (26:50”)
  • Self-Care (25:43”)
  • Overcoming Obstacles to Self-Care (20:00”)

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    Download the Booklet

    32 page booklet with meditation and liver care tips and info.